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workforce development

We are doing our part to dismantle some of the socioeconomic barriers caused by lack of employment opportunities within Black and Brown communities (where many of the new projects and developments in the city are breaking ground).

Developing new craftsmen and -women doesn’t only open up possibilities for the financial success of their families. The increased opportunities of employment for these hopefuls boosts the morale of the community. In time, we can reshape the cityscape, both literally and figuratively.


One-Day Workshops


Periodically, PAC Leaders hosts one-day workshops that give members of the community an opportunity to put on their gloves, pick up their tools, and participate in hands-on demonstrations.

We offer a variety of sessions throughout the year ranging from basic carpentry skills to DIY projects. 

The goal is to engage the community and inspire participants to tackle their own projects or or to explore a career in the trades.

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Hands-on experience

On-The-Job Training



PAC Leaders is helping to meet the need for workforce development. Viable employment opportunities are essential to the health of the economy and, more specifically, disenfranchised communities.

Eager apprentices come to us with professional, yet novice, skills that they are looking to develop in the field. With the right combination of prior basic training and willingness to participate in their own success, apprentices join our team and earn while they learn. 

If you are journeyman carpenter or carpenter apprentice seeking employment, send an email with your contact information to and a member of our team will assist your with the application process, 

Entry-Level Training

carpentry training

PAC Leaders has partnered with Sustainable Options for Urban Living, Inc. (S.O.U.L.) to provide instruction for their Carpentry Workforce Training Program.

NCCER certified instructors lead participants through a 6-month pre-apprenticeship training to lay the foundation of knowledge and intrigue for further study.

Courses include skill-specific modules, in-person performance evaluations, and proctored exams.

There are many opportunities for employment of skilled workers.  Visit the Soul Genius website to get more information and begin your journey.


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