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The OG Lawndale team is a harmony of diversely experienced professionals who have coordinated a remarkable proposal to help revitalize the North Lawndale neighborhood.

Chicago is known for its unique and iconic architecture.  Eager adventurers from all over the globe journey to Chicago in hopes of an unforgettable experience. Revolutionary initiatives like INVEST South/West offer that same hope to disheartened Chicago residents.  OG Lawndale will accompany many of our city's modern marvels that attract both local and traveling admirers.  The stigma of shabby and unsafe inner city neighborhoods can be obliterated through the investment of resources that empower and uplift the residents.

Unfortunately, in a city that busies itself with advancement, rapidly changing neighborhoods can make long-time residents feel unsettled.  Many have voiced their concerns about being displaced.  Our team sees OG Lawndale as an opportunity to help the residents embrace change, because the changes are being made on their behalf.  By taking residents' needs into account, we are cultivating community-building and their sense of place.  The more we invest in our communities--which are the people, not the cross streets--the more they will feel empowered to invest in themselves.

Our roots run deep here--every member of our team bonded to the city in different ways.  We have the capacity and the compassion required to give this neighborhood the kind of development necessary to inspire the residents to unite into a new normal of abundance and inclusion.

OG Lawndale is the project that empathetic construction professionals (like ourselves), driven elected officials, and established residents have been waiting for.

“Chicago is one city. We shall work as one people for our common good and our common goals.”
-- Harold Washington

The Vision


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